5 Myths of Making Your Baby Comfortable in Summer

babies-in-summerIn summer more attention should be paid to your baby’s daily care because the hot weather could make her feel discomfort or even get sick if you make some mistakes. For that reason, you may overreact and believe some tips that are actually untrue. Now let’s bust some popular myths for you on how to take care of babies and toddlers during the hot, humid summer months.

Myth 1: Air conditioning is always good for babies

In summer days, besides of sun protection air conditioning seems a basic necessity of life to many parents and babies. It is so true that hot, humid climate could drive you crazy. However, if it is not miserably hot, it is best not to turn on the air conditioning for the sake of the health of your baby. This is because living without AC in your house actually can enhance your baby’s heat resistance.

So, never let your babies resemble greenhouse flowers that cannot survive unpleasant weather. Don’t expose your babies to the cold air because of your weakness and don’t limit her activities indoors only due to your fear of her sweating. As a matter of fact, a small amount of sweating is beneficial to the health of the baby. Give chances to both babies and yourselves to confront the challenge of hot weather. Let her face up to a variety of natural environments and play moderately in the sun. By doing so, it also bolsters willpower and prepares for her adaption of future collective life.

Of course, air conditioning is OK if you have to, especially when you cannot endure the extremely hot weather. But don’t stay inside for a long time. Besides, here are a few tips for you to keep your baby as safe and comfortable as possible.

1) Set your AC not lower than 28 °C or at high temperatures the temperature difference can be adjusted to about 6 to 7 degrees;

2) When the temperature is not too high, you can adjust the temperature difference between 3 to 5 degrees;

3) Try to set your air conditioner fan speed set to slow or medium. The high speed is big no no;

4) Don’t hold your baby and frequently go in and out of the an air-conditioned room, which may cause harm to the baby’s health because of the temperature difference;

5) Remember to ventilate your room as much as possible after the air conditioner has been worked for a while.

Myth 2: Shaving the head of the babies ensure good hair growth

Those hot, sultry dog days can cause heat rashes, which is the major reason why many parents love to shave their babies’ heads. Do you think it’s good to do so?

However, a shaven head is very likely to cause bacterial infections once babies consciously scratch their heads and hurt the skin due to the irritation of sweating, according to many parenting experts. Besides of the scratches, trauma caused by knocking on hard objects can lead to bacterial infections on head skin too. No doubt a shaven head could increase risk of such injury. What’s worse, once the bacteria invade the roots of baby’s hair and damage hair follicles, it will affect the normal growth of hair, and even lead to balding in some severe cases.

Myth 3: Drinking juice can offer more nutrition

In summer babies sweat more than usual and need to drink plenty water to rehydrate. Unfortunately, many babies and toddlers do not love to drink water. For that reason, you may give them a variety of juices, soda, or other drinks instead of water to quench their thirst. In fact, they are inadvisable. Neither are the mineral water and pure water due to the matter of mineral content.

Tell you the truth, boiled tap water is better than any other drinks no matter you are men or women, old or young. After water is boiling, let cool to room temperature, and serve it within 4 to 6 hours. In addition, remember to filter it by a water purifier if the water quality is less trustworthy.

Myth 4: Treating the prickly heat by all means

Hot summer weather is the main cause for babies’ prickly heat. However, usually heat rash requires no treatment. To be honest, the best treatment of it is let your baby stay in a cool environment as much as possible and keep your baby’s skin dry. By doing so, it will be gone soon automatically.

Myth 5: Tucking your babies in is unnecessary

Summer days are so hot that many of you think that it is a bad idea to tuck a child in bed. However, it always makes sense to keep babies’ belly and feet warm. So, covering babies’ belly with a blanket is highly recommended no matter how high the temperature is. Otherwise, diarrhea is very likely to follow when stomach is exposed to cold air. In addition, a thin blanket is enough or too thick one will cause heat rashes due to the large amounts of sweat.

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