4 Artery-Clogging Foods You Cannot Ignore

foods-that-clog-arteries-the-worstIf you are someone who always blindly believes the meal ideas from your nutritionists, you may learn your lesson sooner or later since some of them can be so misleading. For example, some foods that were previously deemed heart-healthy now have been proven actually harmful since they might clog arteries instead. And the top deceptive ones include breakfast cereals, refined wheat, low-fat dairy products, and processed vegetable oils because they are often disguised as a healthy food.

In some ways this is completely understandable that merchants use a little stunt to catch people’s attention. However, this is a shame to deceive customers with false claims. When it comes to breakfast cereals, the word “healthy” is often added before to make them more attractive to the potential customers. However, the truth is that most breakfast cereals are far from healthy because they mostly have been highly processed and, worse still, contain a lot of refined grains and sugars. What is more, the label of “whole-grain” is often added even though the products are actually not. Hype like this can be misleading since the grounded powder has a larger impact on blood sugar and metabolism.

In order to increase production, wheat had been genetically changed from the 1960s. There is no denying that this research was well-intentioned then since it could go a long way in reducing starvation and hunger. Unfortunately, people weren’t happy with what happened afterwards since modern wheat turned out to be different from the one they were expecting. On the one hand, the nutritional value of modern wheat varieties was found significantly lower than that of the old ones. After all, a nutrient-poor diet could be less favorable to your overall health. On the other hand, the consumption of genetically modified wheat will bring more harm than benefit to the heart health. And a comparative study done between the old and new varieties found that modern wheat will increase cholesterol levels and elevate the number of the markers of inflammation in the body. It is worth mentioning that these days inflammation is one of the primary causes of heart disease. In addition, modern wheat does something more harmful than ever to patients with celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome due to higher gluten levels.

Many health experts think that it is a good idea to include low-fat dairy products in your diet since they are low in saturated fat, just as their name suggests. However, some others have different opinions about this idea and a new analysis thinks that there is no link found between saturated fat and heart disease at all. And this is a fact that those who often consume high-fat dairy products are less likely than others to gain weight and get heart disease or diabetes. One of excellent example is those who live in a country where the staple protein is from the milk of grass-fed cows. On the contrary, the so-called low-fat dairy products often contain a lot of sugar, which has harmful effects on metabolism and increases the risk of heart disease by increasing the levels of triglycerides, abdominal obesity and LDL.

Vegetable oils like soybean, corn and wheat are often considered healthier thanks to the lower cholesterol levels. What should be pointed out, however, is that they have a very negative effect on the body since high temperatures, a variety of man-made chemicals and toxic solvent hexane are involved during processing. And it should be made clear that low cholesterol levels have nothing to do with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. After all, this is only a risk factor rather than a disease. What’s worse, studies have found that long-term consumption of processed vegetable oils can increase the chance of developing cancer and heart disease.

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